Hello ! I am JunkJumper, a 21 years old computer science student.

I have created this website to organise my github projects and showcase them.

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French (mothertongue), English (665 TOEIC), Italian (A2)
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ShadowHunters Game

Exam Project

This is a game project. Based on the table game Shadow Hunters, I had to work with nine other students on make the table game to a video game. You can discover the whole project here (french only).

2nd Smester Java Project

School Validation Project

This project is a chess game. The game is playable on a console and written in Java. The presentation page can be found here. The game is currently in translation process.

2nd Smester UML Project

School Validation Project

This project is an UML analysis of a Garage management and an Art Galery management You can learn more about it here. I want to warn you, it's in french and it's not finished at all !

Electrical Lights And Blind Controlled by Internet

Exam Project

This is a domotic project. It consists to control inside & outside lights and also a blind by using a website. You can discover more about the project here .

Descendre ou Mourir - Que Choisir (Build with Construct 2)

School Project

This project is a game. It consists to go down as long as possible without touch the roof or the floor. The score is growing as long as you are alive. My PB score is 1860 points. You can play the game here.


2018 - Current

Current School - DUT - IT Formation

IUT Nice Côte d'Azur, France

DUT is an unniversity certificate. The IT Formation on a DUT is a complete formation for software developmment, web application and project management.

2015 - 2018

High School
STI2D Baccalaureate - High Honors

René Goscinny High School, France

STI2D is "Sciences and Technologies of Industry and Substainable Developpement". They are 500H of lessons oriented on numerics aspects such as boolean logic, sequencial logic and basic IT developmment like introduction to html, python or C.

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